A Block Beats a Bye for Good


Be honest, there are people out there, who we know and love dearly, who will worry the only nerve you have left, and will have no problem with it. It’s our job to block rather than tell them goodbye for good, to reconnect with our peace. Peace cannot be bought, and some people could care less if they are making your life hell on wheels permanently or even temporarily. If you have a person that is always on your phone with their problems, never wants to be a listening ear to your problems and listen for even just a second, someone always complaining about everything, or someone who is always draining the life out of you and sucking you dry, then you need to put them on block. Block? Why yes! Grab your phone, unless you are reading this article on your phone right now, go to contacts, their name, and block them. It may be for a day, a week, or even a few, but I promise after you do this, you will feel so much better. I have a couple people on block right now. They’ve been on the block list for the past few days, and I promise, it feels so damn good! Let us know who you think you may need to block, and no, it’s not selfish, it’s called self-care, friends. Try it at least once and let us know how you feel after. If they truly need to reach you for something like an emergency, and not a personal urgency when they create it, they will know how to get in contact by other means. Nothing else has ever stopped them from reaching you when they needed to, right? Relationships are work, no matter if it’s a familial relationship, friendship, or simply an associate. Do this for your mental and emotional health. It can make a world of difference. Chuck them the peace sign for a little while to regain your mental and emotional peace.



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