A Chat with Teen Superstar Donshea Hopkins


Donshea Hopkins actress, singer, song writer, writer, dancer, motivational speaker, influencer, and model, hails from Brooklyn, NY, born and raised. Hopkins began her career as a professional actress at the tender age of four and has since been on the biggest hit television shows including, POWER on STARZ, The Detour on TBS, Orange is the New Black on Netflix, Nurse Jackie on Showtime, Law & Order SVU on NBC, Sesame Street on PBS and HBO. Hopkins is multi-talented and a force to be reckoned with. Of course, if you are a POWER fan like us, then you miss her character Raina as much as we do, but no worries, we will continue to see Hopkins on our television screens and big screen, as this journey isn’t stopping anytime soon for her, as she is working on a few movies, writing, producing, co-producing, and recording new music. This is just the beginning.

We had an opportunity to chat with the teen superstar about her acting and singing career and how she got started.

MillBuzz: You have a lot of experience under your belt at such a young age, more than some people twice your age. There are adults who are inspired by you. At 16, how does it feel to be ahead of your time?

Hopkins: It feels incredibly beautiful, heartwarming, and humbling to know that I’m able to live out my dream, while inspiring generations before me to live out theirs.

MillBuzz: You’re an actress, singer, song writer, writer, dancer, and model. Which one do you enjoy the most and why?

Hopkins: I could never pick which one I enjoy more, because I equally love everything I do.

MillBuzz: We all love POWER, and this is where you got your big break. How did the role of Raina help to change the trajectory of your career?

Hopkins: The role of Raina made me one of the most recognizable faces in the world, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

MillBuzz: POWER is one of our favorite shows and the #1 show on STARZ. What was the experience like and some things that helped you to grow within your career while working on the show?

Hopkins: The experience was beyond insane. I’ve learned not to take things too seriously and to not be afraid to speak up and go after what I want.

MillBuzz: Before and after POWER, you have had several roles on different shows along with The Bobby Brown Story miniseries. Which role has been the most impactful within your career for you and why?

Hopkins: In a way, every role I’ve ever done has impacted my career in some way, whether it was a lesson learned behind the scenes, or in front of the camera which will continue to mold me to be the best I can be.

MillBuzz: Let’s talk about your journey with music as a singer and song writer and how you got started. 

Hopkins: My journey with music professionally started at six, when I got my first real guitar and started taking vocal lessons. From then on, I started songwriting. Eventually when I turned ten I started taking it more seriously and I went back and rewrote songs, then started writing more and more every day. When I was twelve, I started recording songs for my debut EP, 3Point2 and that’s how my music journey officially began.

MillBuzz: The holidays are here. What is one thing or tradition that you enjoy doing with family and friends during this time of the year?

Hopkins: I absolutely LOVE watching the Disney Parks Christmas spectacular while unwrapping gifts with my mom on Christmas Day.

MillBuzz: What can we expect next from you that you’d like to share with us? Any new projects coming up?

Hopkins: I’ll be releasing an album and I have some television projects coming out in 2019. I can’t discuss anything yet, but keep your eyes and ears peeled!

To keep up with Hopkins, follow her on social media @RealDonshea.



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