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The truth is, there is good water, and there is not so good water. With so many brands on the market, it’s hard to differentiate between the good, and water that doesn’t do our bodies good. Life is full of a lot of decisions but filled with even more choices on what is best for us. It’s on us to make the best decisions for our health.

The alkaline of alkaline water, is referring to the pH level. It has a higher pH level than regular drinking water, which is most advantageous for the body. The reference to levels, is a measurement of how alkaline or acidic substances based on a scale. Although this may be true, not all alkaline water is made equal. Bottled water can get expensive, especially alkaline water due to the benefits, however a company called Alkaline Go, LLC, can help you to save your coins with a portable and affordable alkaline water option. The spheres that they have created can last up to six months, and its ease of use is second to none on the market. All you must do is drop your sphere in a glass of water, or your water bottle, swirl your glass or bottle to activate, remove the sphere, dry it off and place it back in it’s bag, enjoy and drink your alkalized water.

Image: Alkaline Go

Here are a few fun facts courtesy of Alkaline Go, on the many benefits of alkaline water:

Energy. Digestion. Immunity. Health. Balance. Weight Loss. And More!

Enhanced Energy Levels. Alkaline water can neutralize damaging free radicals by converting them into oxygen that is necessary for tissue oxygenation and energy production.

Strengthened Immune System. Alkaline enhances your ability to absorb vitamins and is rich in antioxidants and minerals, therefore drinking alkaline water can boost your immune system and combat illness.

A More Beautiful You. As an “antioxidant”, alkaline water can reduce the effects of cellular damage and free radical buildup in the body – promoting youthful, vibrant skin.

Promotes Digestion. An overproduction of stomach acids results from spicy foods, alcohol, overeating, stress and other factors, and can lead to acid reflux and heartburn. However, alkaline in your diet assists in neutralizing the effects of acid, thus supporting better digestion.

Weight Loss. Alkaline water helps neutralize acid in the body so that it can process and excrete toxins which are typically stored as fat.

Who doesn’t want to reap those benefits? We love this new innovative option for alkaline water and have been loving our spheres from Alkaline Go. To learn more, and to purchase, visit Will this be your alkaline go to?

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