Beatrice Dixon is Making History Year Round in Feminine Health Care and Wellness


During women’s history month, there are so many great women to celebrate and highlight, including CEO and Founder Beatrice Dixon of The Honey Pot Company. Dixon is the epitome of what visualization, chasing your dreams, never giving up, and overcoming adversity, looks like. If there is one CEO to follow right now and to support, it would be her. As an entrepreneur, it’s far from the glitz and glam that we all witness on Instagram, along with all of the pretty pictures and scenic adventures. It’s a grind. It’s a hustle. And if you don’t grind and hustle enough, continuously, it’s a hard truth that you will fail.

Recently, Target aired a commercial highlighting Dixon and her products. Afterwards, she received a lot of harsh and unwarranted backlash and negativity, from people who felt that she shouldn’t do something as simple as pave the way and assist the next black girl in her journey to success with following her dreams to entrepreneurship. Some even went as far as to call her a racist, which is far from the truth. As a society and community, if we are ever in position to do so, we should always help the next person on their journey to greatness. This is encouraged and a commendable act of selflessness. Why should that ever be discouraged?

Personally, I have been a supporter of The Honey Pot Co. and I can’t recommend just one product for women to try, because you need to try them all. The Honey Pot Co. products are amazing and I highly recommend. Ladies, if you have never used Dixon’s natural plant-based products made with ingredients from the earth. 100% natural. I have a link and code for 20% off your next purchase, offered at the end of this article. I wouldn’t leave you hanging, ladies.

We had an opportunity to speak with Dixon and talk all things honey pot:

MillBuzz: What was your inspiration behind starting the company, The Honey Pot?

Dixon: I dealt with an almost 8-month bout with BV (bacteria vaginosis). I was on the roller coaster of going to get antibiotics and as soon as my period started – the BV would return. I was so frustrated. One night, I went to sleep and was visited by an ancestor. She gave me a list of ingredients that would help soothe and heal me naturally. I woke up, made the formula and within one or two days, my symptoms disappeared. I knew that I wasn’t the only woman suffering from this issue. 

MillBuzz: Your products are simply the best. What makes The Honey Pot products a cut above the rest in the feminine care industry?

Dixon: The foundation of our company is clean, safe and effective feminine care. We only use healthy, natural ingredients and stay away from artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and artificial dyes. Our products work to keep girls and women clean and healthy. We also use top quality essential oils, botanicals and herbs in our formulas which is at the core of all of our products.

MillBuzz: This week, you were targeted unnecessarily due to the commercial that aired with you and Target showcasing your brand in their stories. For those who may experience unwarranted negativity in life and or their business, what is your advice on overcoming that?

Dixon: First and foremost, try not to internalize any of the negative messaging or rhetoric. These are individuals who do not know me or my company or my team. They are spewing misinformation and are also reacting emotionally which is not a reflection of me or anything I’ve personally done to them. I believe in staying centered in times of adversity. 

MillBuzz: Your sales doubled this week! Congratulations to you and The Honey Pot on that amazing accomplishment. You sold out! There is always a message in the mess. How does that make you feel after receiving so much support and the universe responding to the negativity you experienced? 

Dixon: It was truly overwhelming! Our customers are truly amazing. They ride for The Honey Pot Company and we’re super grateful for that love and support. They are the reason we work so hard to make this brand a household name. We want to be there for our customers and followers as they have been there for us. It was great being part of a moment like this. Showing how something meant to be negative was turned into a positive within hours!

MillBuzz: You are such an inspiration to all of us. Outside of The Honey Pot Company, what other things are you working on, have coming up, or would like to share with us so that we can continue to support you?

Dixon: Right now, I am 100% focused on Honey Pot. We have new products launching this month and over the next few months – including menstrual cups and two new treatment products that are going to change the game! We’re rolling out in new retailers this spring and summer and we’re continuing to innovate with new products for 2021!

Menstrual cups are now available!

To learn more about Dixon and her company read her bio below and visit her site to purchase your products: And get 20% off with my personal referral code.

About Beatrice Dixon

When she was younger, Beatrice Dixon suffered with bacterial vaginosis for eight months. One night, an ancestor gave her the ingredients to heal herself in a dream. From that insightful dream, she created the formula for a healthy, clean feminine wash. In 2014, Dixon launched The Honey Pot Company, a plant-based feminine hygiene line created with a goal to provide women with a healthy alternative to feminine care that is free of chemicals, parabens, carcinogens and sulfates. The rest is history.

With experience in pharmaceuticals, retail and natural foods, Dixon has the insight and expertise to bring the innovative concept of a plant-based feminine care system to the marketplace. Unlike mass market and conventional feminine care brands, consumers will be able to get all of their feminine care needs met under one brand as The Honey Pot Company currently offers feminine washes, wipes, tampons, pads, mommy-to-be products, and soon-to-be additional offerings in both the feminine hygiene and feminine care segments.

Today, The Honey Pot Company’s products can be found online and in stores nationwide at Target, Walmart, Urban Outfitters, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, Wegmans and Whole Foods, among other retailers.

An empowering African American female entrepreneur, Dixon has been a recipient of the Sundial and Unilever’s multimillion-dollar New Voices fund; was 1 of the first 40 women of color to raise one million in venture capital; and has been featured in T-Pain’s School of Business, BuzzFeed’s Ladylike series, Today Show, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, ELLE, ESSENCE and Forbes, to name a few.

Most recently, she was named one of Entrepreneur‘s top 100 groundbreaking women entrepreneurs of 2019; her company won a 2020 ESSENCE Best in Black Beauty Award; and she received a CEW Indie 65 Award in 2019, honoring beauty’s independent companies.

Through her diverse background and experience, Dixon continues to make a mark in the world of natural health and retail with a truly revolutionary approach to feminine health and sexual wellness.


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