Daily Skincare Talk with Monique Rose of Milk and Honey


With a fifteen-year proven track record of increasing sales and revenue for more than a dozen restaurants throughout America. In 2016, Monique Rose created Milked, LLC, and with Chef Sammy at the menu’s helm, the pair opened their first restaurant Milk & Honey Café. It’s an all-day-brunch-themed bistro in Beltsville, MD, where Rose oversees the day-to-day operations. In less than two years, she helped grow a 55-seat café into four thriving restaurants with additional locations in College Park and Bowie, MD, Atlanta, GA, and the newest addition, The Bar at Milk and Honey, which is located in Washington, DC.

Catapulting off the success of Milk and Honey Café, Monique is embarking on a new adventure by entering the beauty space and launching her new beauty brand, Mink & Honey. Mink & Honey features all-natural, skincare products, lavish mink lashes, and luxury hair.

Rose is a serial entrepreneur and a survivor. She beat cancer, escaped abuse, filed bankruptcy, and even benefited from food stamps. You name it, but she never gave up. She persevered.

We chatted with Rose recently and learned a lot of great information for millennials and Gen-zers about a solid skincare routine that we should all be doing everyday:

MillBuzz: What is Monique’s daily Mink & Honey beauty routine?

Rose: I wash my face, morning and night, with the Wild Rose Foaming Cleanser. It’s super gentle, and the foam helps pull dirt and impurities out of the pores. It gives you clean and glowing skin, while helping to maintain the health of your skin with vitamins A, C, E, and F.

Under my moisturizer, I use two products: the ethereal selfie serum, which smooths out fine lines and gives you a natural glow and the cucumber eye cream under my eyes to even out hyper-pigmentation and adds hydration.

For moisturizing, I use two products the glacier gel cream moisturizer, which is skin firming, with an arctic blast of cool; and the glow recipe face mist, which is a toner, which reduces redness and irritation. This is the perfect setter for your makeup.

MillBuzz: Why is it important to have a beauty routine?

Rose: No matter what you do, your face hits outside elements when out, and dirt and dust elements in your home. You have to cleanse impurities if you want clear and healthy skin. Your face is the first thing that people come in contact with, so you want to put your best face forward. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use two products or five products. But know that consistency yields results, along with the combination of drinking water and a healthy diet.

MillBuzz: Should millenials and Gen-Zers choose their skincare products wisely?

Rose: These two generations are more heavily into makeup and even sports than the generations that precede them. Cleansing skin properly is essential when you’re active and battling harmful elements. From sweat to gel used daily due to the baby-hair trend, a skincare routine is essential.

MillBuzz: What products would you recommend for these audiences?

Rose: The strawberry cleanser is gentle for daily use and the glacial gel cream moisturizer and the selfie serum is good for the under foundation glow.

MillBuzz; Why shouldn’t millenials and Gen-Zers feed into fad products or influencers?

Rose: While popularity has grown for all-natural and organic products, customers are not going to get the results they need. Manufacturers often times put a lot of money into the packaging, but not necessarily the product itself. Influencers are paid to represent products that they may not personally support or even work well for them.

So we ask you, what are you going to do differently about you daily skincare routine to improve your overall well being? Visit MinkHoney.com for the entire skincare line.


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