Discover Your Best SELF in Life and Business

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What are you doing to perpetuate the rut, where you are stuck? Yes, perpetuate. Sometimes we get so caught up in the same routine, we tend to be the culprit for certain things that happen in our lives. Professionally and personally, I often find myself making the same mistakes, getting too stuck in criticism, and sucked into negative thought patterns. The sky is the limit as far as my potential, yet I know that some of the things holding me back are because of self-sabotage.

Christine Fowler-Phillips published her book, Discover Your Best Self…And Stick with It: A Guide to Creating a Winning Image, as a backdrop to her company, DYBS Discover Your Best Self, a consulting business that offers leadership training and workshops to help build creative teams and informative sessions, on how to build a culture of corporate success. The book is designed to help readers examine places for internal and external growth, specifically related to business but the gems dropped in Phillips’ book, can be applied to other areas in life. “There is no special blueprint. It is whatever works for you.”

“Sometimes you think that there is a blueprint in corporate America. You think that there is a blueprint in certain areas that you are working to achieve success, and perhaps that is not the road for you.”

We had a moment to catch up with Christine Fowler-Phillips about her new book, which is sure to be a great guide for millennials who are trying to figure it all out, find their way, and become unstuck.

MillBuzz: What inspired you to publish your book?

Phillips: I had a manuscript for quite some time, and so I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for about two plus decades, and over that period I worked for some of the largest giants in the industry. In October of 2017, I understood the company was going to close their doors in the division in which that I worked. I started a consulting business called Discover Your Best Self. I had this manuscript, and I had it for a couple of years as well, but I never put a title on it, and I decided at that time that I was going to move forward with my manuscript, and title my book Discover Your Best Self…And Stick with It: A Guide to Creating a Winning Image. That was going to be my new beginning, and a part of the platform for the business which I own.

MillBuzz: Is there a group of people that you think this will be particularly useful to? 

Phillips: My audience is 18-year-old through junior professionals, millennials. I’m speaking to a lot of junior corporate executives today. In my book I talk about corporate branding, I talk about your personal branding. All those things are important to your success. It is a wide scope that I think this book will be empowering. At the end of the day, it is a refresher so some things that we all know.

MillBuzz: Image is so important. How can millennials use their internal self to create a winning external image? 

Phillips: What I believe is that you must work on the inside. Your inward image is so important because what is on the inside will shine bright on the outside. If we utilize the right formula internally, externally that will show. In my book, I talk about emotional intelligence. Being self-aware, being self-reflective. Sometimes you must reevaluate and recalculate. Some of these things you must do to discover who you are. How you want to be perceived on the outside is what you must build inwardly.

What are you doing to get unstuck,  discover your best self, and stick to it?


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