Finding the “Perfect Match” with Melanin Matcher Heather Campbell

Image: Oladimeji Odunsi

At some point in life, most women have the challenge of finding the perfect foundation to match their skin tone. Whether it’s the change in seasons, or your skin alternating between dry and oily, it’s a never-ending cycle of discovering what’s best for you. Now, you no longer must worry about finding the best foundation to match your skin tone, thanks to tips from Heather Campbell, D.C.’s very own Melanin Matcher, Founder and Chief Makeup Artist of Image Concierge. Heather has been trained by some of the industry’s hottest and best makeup artists for women of color! Heather is a wife and a millennial mompreneur, who is infatuated with all things related to beauty and image. She is deeply passionate about The Image Concierge’s mission to help women find and increase their self-esteem & self-care through makeup artistry.

The Perfect Match tour was designed to help women of all shades, find their truest color using elevated, indie foundation brands, made specifically with people of color in mind. Marjani Beauty is the first to offer direct to consumer foundation matching in this capacity solely utilizing indie foundation brands. The event provides an intimate session where attendees get a one-on-one foundation matching consultation, makeup tips, and the opportunity to shop the brands in a fun, affirming atmosphere. The tour features over 50 foundation shades from brands that have always catered to the brown beauty: Omolewa Cosmetics, Hue Noir, AJ Crimson, Danessa Myricks, and Marena Beaute. A selection of other brown girl approved beauty products are featured as well.

We had a chance to catch up with Heather to learn about her passion for the makeup industry during “The Perfect Match Experience” tour.

MillBuzz: What inspired you to pursue the makeup industry?

Campbell: My main inspiration has always been the everyday woman whether she’s a working woman, stay-at-home mom, or preparing for a fruitful career. I have been here in each of these stages, understand the transitions, and have lost myself in the process.  However, I also learned how to find a way to press forward, find balance, and revitalize myself through being intentional about taking care of myself. I found that the reality is that everyday women desire and deserve to have the celebrity style makeup look and experience. It all sparked from my own personal desire for these things, and I realized there were many women just like me who needed a place that offered beauty services like the ones offered by The Image Concierge. I’m also deeply passionate (and quite frankly obsessed) with encouraging women to take advantage of personal self-care opportunities which I channel by focusing on providing a unique self-care moment with every single client.

MillBuzz: How was the “Perfect Match Experience” concept birthed?

Campbell: The Perfect Match was an idea that we came up with because so many women were struggling with finding the right foundation shade. We received feedback from clients that although many of the big brands began to expand their foundation shades, they still couldn’t get expert matching and breadth of products in large beauty stores. We wanted to offer a one-one-one opportunity for women to try different brands that offered various types of foundation, that were made especially for women of color. We realized they needed a place to come, a safe space to ask questions without feeling judged, a way to learn about their specific skin type, and to get educated on how to effectively match their foundation on their own. Of course, a posh environment with other beautiful women, awesome beauty services, and ambiance was added to make the event a real long-lasting success. 

Image: Jazmin Quaynor

MillBuzz: What are a few tips to finding the perfect foundation to match various skin tones?


  1. Start with determining whether your skin has cool or warm undertones. Most people typically have either reds or yellow/golden hues throughout their skin. This is critical when determining the right foundation color. 

2. Always swatch/test foundation on your face after you’ve tested for allergic reaction on another body part (like your arm or chest). A great foundation matching technique is to swipe the product at your jawline to account for both your face and neck. The right color should blend in and almost disappear. Some people make the mistake of testing foundation colors on their arms or hands which may be lighter or darker depending on the season and/or other variables. It’s always a good idea to test for allergic reaction on those parts of the body. But to get the perfect match, foundation should eventually be tested on the face

3. Decide if you want light, medium, or full coverage? Coverage preference is a very personal decision and can make the difference between looking like a clown, unpolished, and there certainly is a fine line. The goal is to wear it, use it, and don’t abuse it, so think about your lifestyle and what works best for you.

4. Trust your skin type. Be sure to select the right type of foundation depending on your skin type. Trust your skin, it will tell you what type of foundation it needs. If your skin is dry, you’ll love a cream or hydrating liquid foundation.  If you’re oily, you may consider a mineral, powder or oil free foundation.

5. Choose a brand you love! If you’re overwhelmed with the plethora of beauty brands and companies claiming to have the best foundation on the market and looking for a place to start, check out a brand where you see women that look like just like you.

MillBuzz: Where can we learn more about The Image Concierge, The Perfect Match Experience, and Marjani Beauty?

Campbell: The most current updates tend to happen via Instagram for us, so definitely follow us and start engaging! The Image Concierge @ImageConcierge,, and Marjani Beauty @MarjaniBeautyCo,

It’s always fun to get dolled up for a date with your significant other or having a night out on the town with your girls. However, self-care is the core to any beauty regimen for women. That said, ladies don’t forget about you while taking care of everyone and everything else.


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