Grammy-Nominated Recording Artist Angie Stone Talks Music, Domestic Violence, and Black History Month


As Atlanta prepared to host its 3rd Super Bowl on February 3rd at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, there was no shortage of events and parties leading up to the big game. One event in particular, The Big Game Concert, featuring Angie Stone & Calvin Richardson, took place on February 1st for a special cause, The Still Standing Alliance.  This “party with a purpose” benefitted The Still Standing Alliance, a nonprofit organization focused on domestic violence advocacy, awareness and prevention strategies.

Angie Stone and Calvin Richardson, celebrated for their soulful R&B hits including the hit duet More Than a Woman, are well known for making music about treating women and men right. This concert showcased who they are as artists while bringing awareness to this important cause ahead of Sunday’s game.

Part of the proceeds benefit The Still Standing Alliance – a Domestic Violence Non-Profit 501 c 3 organization. To learn more, go to

“I can’t say mental illness is the problem; we’ve got to pay attention to who is driving the car. Domestic violence stems from the state we are living in.” -Angie Stone 

We had an opportunity to speak with Angie Stone on The Big Game concert in Atlanta, Georgia for Super Bowl LIII. She gave us an overview of why this cause is so important to her and an update on what we can expect to see from her this year.

MillBuzz : Tell us about The Big Game Concert tonight and how it feels to be contributing to such a great cause with the Still Standing Alliance.

Stone: Well this is one of the most common situations that we deal with. Domestic Violence is horrible and it’s prevalent in our homes because a lot of stress, finances and issues bring about frustrations that drive us to lose control. So what we have to do is try to maintain control. So to be a part of something this strong is a blessing for me. I came up in a home where I had to experience some of that stuff as well, so I know what it’s like to have that abuse frighten a child. So we’ve got to do better for our upcoming kids.

MillBuzz: What are some of things you are working on this year that we should know about?

Stone: I’m just getting back on tour. I’m getting ready to drop a new project, a single with someone that I can’t say with whom just yet, that will be out this month.

First of all, let me give my condolences to James Ingram and his family. I did a song with him called My People that was released for Black History Month in 2007. It came full circle and this is the month that we are going to honor him.

Back to Full Circle is an album that will be out in the Spring. And I have a sneak project that I just did with my two kids where we are doing a family piece.  I think you guys are going to love it.

Then I also have a project coming out where I’m working with millennials, so we’ve got to talk!

MillBuzz : Absolutely, we can’t wait to hear more about your millennial project.

Stone: Certainly.

MillBuzz : A really cool project that many might not know you did, was singing the theme song for the UPN/The CW’s hit sitcom, Girlfriends. Are you doing any more work like this?

Stone: Oh yes. I’m always asked to do projects like that all the time. I also sung songs for Brown Sugar, Love and Basketball and the theme song for a new sitcom that has not come out yet. People ask me to do it all the time. And you’re right, a lot of people didn’t know it was me singing the Girlfriends theme song, but when they found out it was an infectious thing.

MillBuzz: As you mentioned, today kicks off Black History Month. What word of advice can you offer to millennials to honor this month?

Stone: From a standpoint of being a mom, raising millennials, I can honestly say that with the state of politics and where we are in general, we’ve got to learn to listen to each other and hear each other. And the advice that our elders give us, we must process it and digest it because more prevalent now than ever is for us to be able to make life a lot easier. With all the police brutality and all the things going on, we’ve got to learn to listen. And nothing is out of reach.

We ain’t so old school, that we can’t teach you new tricks.

To learn more about the Grammy-nominated recording artist, producer, and actress Angie Stone, head over to, @AngieStone on Twitter and @TheAngieStone on Facebook and Instagram.


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