Inbound Marketing Is for Every Business


No matter if you are large or small, all businesses should be marketing on some level. Whether you have an in-house team of marketers, or you outsource, it’s needed. Inbound marketing is not new, but many aren’t using as they should, to be as effective as possible. It’s about scaling your business, growing it in a way that is authentic, where connections are made to be lasting ones, not to gain as many prospects as possible, only to not have any quality and qualified leads. but to ensure that these leads are aligned to what you do and who you serve. When measuring the best ways to go about setting up inbound marketing, there are three ways that every business should apply, which is also known best as the inbound methodology: Attract, Engage, and Delight. 

Here is what each means in detail:

1. Attract – You want to attract and bring in connections and prospects that are valuable and where the prospects view you and your business as a trusted leader and advisor. This is so important. Remember, people buy from people who they know, like, and trust. It’s no different within this methodology.

2. Engage – What are the solutions that are best aligned with what your customers need? Think pain points here. What keeps them up most at night? And how can you be that solution; the answer?

3. Delight – Success! All customers want success when they are investing in services and products for their business. When you allow them to find that success, they will then share with others that they know who are in need of the same thing. A business that can provide them with what they need, that solved those pain points that we mentioned earlier. This is what I like to call the boomerang effect. This helps to bring more qualified leads back to you based on previous customers who had a successful experience with you and your business


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