Influencer and Father Aron Gadson Discusses New Autobiography

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Harlem, New York has been a breeding ground of African American creativity for more than 60 decades. While the product of African American creativity still holds a lasting effect, it is also home to many who’ve encountered the distress of poverty and finding alternatives to survival that could compromise one’s freedom. It’s also the hometown of Aron Gadson, influencer, motivational speaker and author of You Already Won, an autobiography of Gadson’s life from childhood to adulthood. During his adolescent, Gadson lived a life headed down a path of destruction. Interested in changing his life for the greater good of his loved ones and his community, Gadson knew he had to work hard and make strides to put him in the direction of success and happiness.

Image: Monite Media

“I want my audience to take away experience and how to solve problems with having limited resources. As well as the odds being against you. I want people to know that you don’t need all the perfect circumstances to be a winner.”

-Aaron Gadson, Author of You Already Won
Image: Monite Media

“This book shows a person that’s fighting to be here, fighting for their place in society, fighting for their place to be successful, fighting for their place to be a great dad, fighting for their place to be a great friend, fighting for their place to be a great brother. That is the fight that we all have.”

– Yandy Smith, American Producer, Entrepreneur, Actress & Reality TV Star
Aron with Contributor/Correspondent Ellisiah

We had an opportunity to discuss Gadson’s book and dig into some of the reasons for his change. He gave us an overview of his life and what we can expect from him next.

MillBuzz: For those who don’t know, do you mind giving us a little background on your story and upbringing?

Gadson: I’m from Harlem, I ran these streets from a child to adulthood and it cost me big time. I found myself in a federal indictment that ended in a 12 and a half year sentence. From that, I said to myself that I will be apart of the change. I’m here and I’m sure there’s many others like me but I’m doing my part.

MillBuzz: So what exactly made you change? What saved you?

Gadson: My daughter. My daughter is the first reason, I got a second reason, my son and I have many blessings that I need. I don’t my mother to not be proud of her son, I don’t want my community to not be proud of me also so I think it’s imperative to give the best of myself going forward.

MillBuzz: If your readers can walk away with one message from your book, what exactly would you want them to walk away with?

Gadson: That’s to use whatever we got to know we can still win. Let’s not be guard down by the lack of resources or adversities that most people give up with. There’s no reason to give up, there’s a reason to be grateful.

MillBuzz: What are your future plans? What could we expect next after this?

Gadson: A bunch of things, I love movies, I love books I love music, I love clothing.

MillBuzz: So we should expect to see you everywhere?

Gadson: You should see me, You should see me a lot and if it ain’t about a part of helping the community, I don’t want to be a part of it. So I want to be in everything that’s apart of the change.

Gadson and Yandy Smith are now joining a long list of celebrities and influencers who are getting involved with criminal justice reform. Gadson is actively trying to shed light and knowledge on what people go through as victims of the judicial system. He plans to influence people all over the world and make a change while doing it.

To learn more about Aron Gadson’s story and purchase his inspirational book titled You Already Won, head over to and @Aron_Ny on Instagram.  

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