5 Things Millennials Need to Know Before Attending Your First or Next Business Conference

Image: Brian McGee of Vacant Imagination

Last weekend, I attended Ari Squires’ Release the Chains Retreat. If you have never heard of Squires, I implore you to go Google her now. For years, she has put on phenomenal business events for individuals who want to build a sustainable business and release a chain. No matter where you are in the entrepreneurial space, it will take more than education and or experience to level up to the next level. When I attend events, I go for gold. So, I was an elite attendee which meant that I joined Stedman Graham, yes Auntie O’s beau, for a once in a lifetime mastermind lunch with him.

From the speakers to being in such a powerful environment at the right conference, here are 5 things you need to know before attending your first or next business conference.

Image: Brian McGee of Vacant Imagination

Make investing in yourself and business a habit and do your research. If this is a foreign concept for you, you are already in trouble. In order to grow, you must invest in yourself. In order to invest properly, you must do the required research in order to receive the right training. Everyone who says they are a coach, is not a coach. And every coach who says they are a coach, is not the right coach for you. Making sure that you research the right conference to attend for you and your brand is key. There are thousands of events every year, with people claiming that you will walk away with this and that, and that they can help you with the same. However, that does not mean that you will get what you came for, if you are not careful. Invest, but invest smart. I recommend attending at least one event each year, but start researching now to see what speaks to your spirit on the best conference that you should attend.

Always purchase the elite or VIP option. Why? Well why go to a conference just to be a general guest. General admission may get the average person what they need. But we aren’t average people. You pay for access. So in order to get the access, you have to be of the elite or a VIP.

It’s the difference between nose bleed seats and floor seats at an NBA game.

Image: Brian McGee of Vacant Imagination

Think about it, at a game, why would you want to be seated at the top, when you can be up close and see the sweat fall off of their forehead, hit the floor? I would have never met Graham had I been a general admission attendee. BASIC! Frankly put, that’s very basic, and I don’t care who wants to argue about it. It’s a hard truth. You have to pay to play. Attending the mastermind with Graham is something that most people on this planet wouldn’t be able to attend, not because they can’t afford it, but because it’s not everyday that he is accessible to us like that. He’s a busy business man. He’s got stuff to do. So, unless you are Oprah, you won’t be able to gain access to him like that, or unless someone like Squires puts together an event worthy of his attendance, and he accepts the invitation to come be a part of such a phenomenal mastermind. It takes power to get someone like Graham to say yes, because he’s not saying yes to everybody. Please know this.

When a limited-time offer is made to work with a power player, got darn it, you better take them up on the offer, and figure out the rest like how you’re going to invest later. If you miss out, you miss out. A lot of a time, the fast action takers get the best deal. I learned the hard way. But I can guarantee you, that won’t ever happen again.

When you have an opportunity to be in the room, be in the room. Leave the excuses to the excuse makers. What are excuses? Well, I am so glad that you asked. The tools of the incompetent. Take off from work, it’s well deserved anyway. Find a sitter for the kids. Don’t ask permission from your spouse. Just do it and get it done. Don’t wait until the tickets are sold out and say how you wish there were more seats in the room. Get your ticket the same day you learn of the event, once you’ve done step #1 above, and purchase!

If it’s a multiple day event, book a room and stay at the hotel. Most conference venues are at a hotel.  You want to stay at the same venue of the event. This ensures that you immerse yourself in that environment. It gives you a break from the outside world, to glean from all of the speakers and energy that is happening in the room.

With the right speakers, the power is magical and magnetic, meaning it will attach itself to you if you have an open mind and fully leave all worries and cares behind about the mundane day-to-day routine.

Which event do you plan to attend next? Let us know in the comments.


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