We Are Celebratin’ Melanin and We Think You Should Too


How often do we celebrate our melanin? Not as often as we should, and it’s certainly not everyday. Our black is beautiful and we must not only remember this, but celebrate it too. Natalie Melton, a masterful event designer, put on a grand affair, only fit for a queen. A lot of beautiful melanated queens, might we add. This spectacular event was held on Friday, July 19th in Washington, D.C. and everything was executed full out, as Melton left not a single detail left to be desired on this night. If you missed it, I hope you don’t make that same mistake next year, too, as this event is expected to be an annual event.

MillBuzz was in the building and was able to bask in all of the richness, joy, excitement that black women coming together to celebrate one another, brings. We chatted with Founder Natalie Melton on her inspiration behind planning the event.

MillBuzz: Tell us a little bit about your background for those who may be unfamiliar with who you are and what you do.

Melton: I have been an event planner for about 14 years. It’s been a fun and interesting journey. I began with a focus on solely planning weddings but over time transitioned to planning more social and corporate events. 

MillBuzz: What inspired you to create Celebratin’ Melanin?
Melton: My desire to let multicultural women know that they are enough.  Despite what the world around us says. But we have to start the process by celebrating ourselves.  

MillBuzz: Why is it important for us as black women to uplift, celebrate, and edify one another in both a public environment and at the same time a safe space? 

Melton: I think it is so important for us to recognize just how awesome we are, to support one another, and to create a community amongst each other. WE are enough! Our community has doctors, lawyers, creatives, naturopaths, scientists, and culinary geniuses. I mean the list goes on. It’s my hope that we will support one another and utilize each other as a resource both professionally and personally. 

MillBuzz: What is your background and can you tell us how you’ve been putting in the work behind the scenes prior to creating this type of a celebration? 

Melton: I am an event planner by trade, but this event is a total God idea. I’m just using my gifts and talents to serve the community in this way.  

MillBuzz: Let’s talk about the amazingly dope honorees that you have hand selected. What was it about each of them that made you say, we need to come together and honor these ladies? What made them stand out?

Honoree Sharnikya Howard – Life Abundantly Coaching

Melton: Sharnikya Howard is just, I can’t put her into words. Honestly, she’s a blessing. She has a heart for service. I’ve never seen ANYTHING like it.  She actually planted seeds for this event almost a year before this idea was birthed, without either of us knowing at the time. 

Honoree Eunique Jones – Because of Them We Can

Eunique Jones, I mean what can we say. She is a game-changer. Her Because of Them We Can campaign is taking the world by storm, and teaching our babies and adults alike to know who we are and where we’ve come from.  She deserves every bit of this acknowledgment. 

For more information on this event go to CelebratinMelanin.com.


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