MillBuzz has business expenses like any other publication and organization, however, we currently do not receive any funding, so that means no grant money or stipends, and we do not have any investors at this time. We are a startup business, and with that comes a lot of expenses, and unfortunately in the beginning stages, bootstrapping is the only way to get it done, without loans. But, we still commit ourselves to producing consistent quality content for our viewers, as if we are fully funded. Your donations would go towards website maintenance costs, editing costs, videography and/or photography costs, mentorship hours (the time that is set aside to mentor our budding contributors, correspondents, and interns), travel costs to get to and from events in and out of state for media correspondence and coverage, along with other overhead costs for business operations. If you are interested in making a donation, we would be forever grateful, and can ensure that your donation would go towards the aforementioned expenses. Please note that we have not generated any revenue from the ads that you see. They are Google Ads and are based off of clicks etc. Thank you in advance for your kindness and your generosity.