Business Strategist and Entrepreneur Teaches American Small Businesses How to Survive Post COVID-19


The world’s economic system is currently in a crisis. 80% of the US economy is made up of small businesses that fuel our country’s existence. With the latest crisis surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies (both large and small) are impacted. The government announced the 2 trillion dollar stimulus package, that must be used to save many industries and small businesses. Unfortunately, many of the small business owners do not understand these opportunities or how to make Trump’s regulations work for them and their company.

Ebony Porter-Ike, a successful business owner and founder of Coinology® (a business enlightenment methodology) is using this time to educate small businesses on how to pivot and interpret Trump’s legislation to their benefit.

Many entrepreneurs are confused as to how they can create success and financial abundance. They have been taught by society that success is by luck, instead of a real and effective strategy that one can follow to obtain an unusual amount of success and freedom. The Coinology Series written and created by Ebony Porter-Ike teaches entrepreneurs how to ask for what they want and Get IT! 

Porter-Ike has written two bestselling business books entitled Coinology  Series 1: Authentically You and Coinology Series 2: Intentionally Winning.  

As a bestselling author, international speaker, business coach, and the owner of the successful PR Conglomerate, The epiMediaGroup, LLC, Porter-Ike brings a plethora of experience, insight, and knowledge. She has over 15 years as an executive in Corporate America, and Porter-Ike understands what’s required for small businesses to elevate to the next level. 

We had a chance to catch up with Porter-Ike and received a lot of essential information that can help us all during this time.

MillBuzz: How are you and your family doing during the coronavirus quarantine?

Porter-Ike: We are making it. It is a blessing that everyone is safe and virus free. We miss our previous lives, but we are also aware that we are blessed during this quarantine. Many families are suffering during this time: physically, mentally, and financially.

MillBuzz: You are the owner and founder of Coinology®, explain the origin of the name, and what motivated you to start your company?

Porter-Ike: Coinology® is a movement. It is derived from the word “coin” which is synonymous with money and the “ology” being the study of. I created Coinology® (a business enlightenment methodology), which teaches individuals how to find their life’s passion and purpose and how to monetize it effectively. Many are struggling in that space. The Coinology® methodology is very detailed. We have a book series entitled Coinology® VOL 1 (Authentically You) & VOL 2 (Intentionally Winning), which includes the first two of the twelve books that will be written under the teachings. I am currently working on the third volume in the series. The series came about because I met a lot of people who were desperate to find the purpose of living and how also to live life the way it was designed to be lived: freedom, happiness, and fulfillment. Coinology® helps one to do just that! Meeting people all over the world who wanted to work with me, but didn’t have the time or the capital to do so, forced me to create the book series, the Coinology® University and the One on One VIP sessions.

MillBuzz: You also own the successful PR conglomerate, The epiMediaGroup, LLC. What services do you provide, and how are you managing day to day operations during this time?

Porter-Ike: We provide public relations, media relations, marketing, event logistics, social media marketing, and crisis management. We work with clients globally, as far as Africa and Canada to California, Florida, etc. We support clients across the globe with a diverse background. The underlying message that you will see with our clients is the desire to change societal norms. We work with extreme intellects and bold and courageous people and brands. We pride ourselves as a company that works with the talented 10th. As far as the quarantine, we have stayed swamped. The type of work that we do can be done from our home office or our headquarters. As long as we have a laptop and a cellphone, we can still make magic. The significant downfall now is that many outlets are not allowing outside guests into the studio for interviews, so we’ve been pushing a lot of magazines, blogs, podcasts, and radio interviews for our clients. We are also planning for post quarantine. Many of our clients have significant national events that we need to have in queue to launch as soon as the quarantine is over.

MillBuzz: What plans do you have in place should your business become impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic?

Porter-Ike: All businesses will be impacted by the coronavirus. Either positively or negatively. I am planning on offering more virtual services, looking at developing more courses, and developing virtual conferences.  It’s important to be nimble and flexible or you will become extinct as a company. I am also continuously looking for opportunities to increase my income streams. I’m always looking for products or services that can solve the problems of society as we transform into a new world. My favorite quote is “solve a problem and become a millionaire.”

MillBuzz: How is your company helping business owners that are struggling to survive or forced to close temporarily?

Porter-Ike: We are helping business owners develop a POST QUARANTINE ACTION PLAN. Life will never be the way that we knew it to be before. We are forever changed. Our goal is to come up with strategies that will assist clients with obtaining their end goal with the new parameters in place. It’s important that we push our clients outside of their comfort zone if they want to survive in this new era. Not shifting or refusing to pivot during this time will be detrimental to any entrepreneur. For instance, many clients did not want to use social media to push and brand their businesses. Now they see during the quarantine that social media engagement is a huge plus when marketing and making money for your products and services during this time. Not embracing technology and making your business as virtual as possible will be the #1 downfall in this new world.

MillBuzz: You have written two best selling business books entitled: Coinology Series 1: Authentically You and Coinology Series 2: Intentionally Winning. Why should readers pick up a copy of the book series?

Porter-Ike: If you are trying to figure out what’s next and how to get there, you should pick up these books. We unravel the onion in these books. We make you look at your true self and understand why certain decisions are made. Most of your decisions are based on your childhood perceptions of yourself that come through in our adulthood and haunt us from our greatness. Once you are aware of your hang-ups, it’s your job to do the work to fix and develop yourself. This is what Coinology does. We mix business intelligence with sociology to develop the best YOU there is.

MillBuzz: What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you practicing social distancing or keeping safe inside?

Porter-Ike: Ummm, that is a hard question. Finding fun in these times is pretty challenging. I recently participated in the don’t rush challenge. I had my daughter to help me by producing the video and to see how our generations clashed was HILARIOUS.

MillBuzz: What will you do first once the stay at home order is over?

Porter-Ike: Head to my office and begin reaching out to all of the folks I had started having conversations with prior to the quarantine. It will be GO TIME and time to plan and strategize success in the new world.

MillBuzz: Any new projects you are working on that you can discuss?

Porter-Ike: I’m planning a major Christian masterclass movement and I’m working on my new book, Coinology Vol 3: The Rise of The Phoenix. We are also in the midst of planning the 2020 epiConference. So, there are lots of fun and exciting things in the works.

MillBuzz: What is your favorite social media handle where readers can follow your journey?

Porter-Ike: @glamrs1 is my personal social media handle. Follow me there and you will see my personal journey unfold before your eyes. I’m really big on enlightenment and business development. Follow me and change your mindset. My public relations firm can be found at @epimediagroup and more information on Coinology can be found at @Coinology.


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