Write It Down and Make It Plain

The Planner You Need to Succeed in 2019


Write the vision and make it plain. This is more than a saying or a Bible verse. This is the key to success. Statistics show that when you write your goals down, there’s an 80% higher success rate. Who wouldn’t want that type of success? I’ll take it! It’s something about being able to commit to your goals better, when you can see them. It holds you more accountable to your own goals. Accountability partners are great, and by the way, I highly recommend them, but when you can start with yourself, that adds to ensuring that you are even that much more successful with your end goals.

No matter if you are a parent with kids with a lot of activities to keep up with, a stay-at-home parent that has to manage your family and household tasks, in undergrad or grad school balancing your school work and social life, a full-time or part-time entrepreneur balancing clients and everything else, or fully in your career, a planner is the way to help you stay focused, organized, and accountable to yourself.

I firmly believe in planning out your day and week, and what better way to do that than with the Boss Moves Planner. Now, I have personally used this planner, and know that if you use it correctly, daily, weekly, and monthly for the year, you will see success. One thing I must add, you still have to do the work. You can’t expect to write it down and things to just happen. There is power in our words but follow through is the second step to ensuring that we are successful goal diggers.

The 2019 Boss Moves Planner has a new feature – The Mental Venting Journal, which is so important. Having and maintaining a healthy mental state is vital when pursuing success and in life in general. The Mental Venting Journal pages are where you translate what’s on your mind on to paper, to avoid burnout and mental strain, because nobody has time for that.
To purchase your copy of the 2019 Boss Moves Planner visit www.BossMovesPlanners.com. Oh, and don’t be stingy! Pick up another planner for a friend or two. Boss Moves Planners make excellent Christmas gifts.


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