Dating in the 21st Century

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We live in a society where relationships take on so many more forms than the bonds our parents and grandparents shared. It seems like we are hearing more and more conversations about open relationships, and polyamory. Finding hookups are becoming preferred over committed relationships. This evolution on relationships may be overwhelming for some, but to others, it is a nuance on the bland traditions placed on love in the past. Though everyone must make the decision that is best for their own relationship, it is still interesting to witness the unraveling of these relationships in public. These relationship forms are nothing new by far, but their ability to exist in public and be talked about openly is definitely a nuance.

Imagine a relationship where it is okay for you to carry on that affair with your secretary. Now imagine giving your partner the same okay to indulge in their sexual extra-curriculars. Many find monogamy to push ideas on them, that they don’t find fit, with their relationship goals. The ability to set sex aside from love and emotions, can be a powerful tool used to usher in physical bonds with others outside of the relationship. This relationship style requires open dialogue and honesty, with what you are willing to accept. An open relationship is not for those who are easily made jealous, or those that are clingy. If you
find the physical temptation of sex with others hard to deny, then you should consider talking to your partner about their view on opening the relationship. You never know what they may be feeling, and you may find that your partner is completely in sync with you.

Polyamory is a relationship where partners may fall in love or are romantically involved with more than one person at the same time.

Many of us have yet to master the art of holding down one partner. Those who dive into the polyamory pool must be emotionally sound, and excel at communicating their feelings, to ensure that their relationship does not suffer the ultimate sacrifice of losing their relationship. The greatest misconception is that this type of relationship is solely fueled by sexual desire, and that no real love may exist in the love they share with one another. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as many polyamorous couples go above and beyond to make sure their partners are good by expressing their feelings and desires more frequently, and more honestly than monogamous couples probably have in
the last 100 years. It is an interesting time for dating when people who can handle the maturity of maintaining intimate bonds with multiple people are allowed to exist.

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Dating in the 21 st century is probably the greatest complexity of the millennial existence. Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, Jack’d, Snapchat, and the ever-faithful DMs, allow us a never-ending platter of dating options. The days of fighting to make it work with your one true love, are almost obsolete because you can find your next joint without leaving your current bae’s side! It’s a bunch of savagery happening out here, and it’s causing plenty of trust issues in the dating world. Why would you buy a cow when you can get the
beef, milk, and steak for free? This revelation of online connections has made this generation prefer hook-ups over traditional dating and getting to know one another. Not saying there is anything wrong with a hook-up here and there, but the quintessential desire to grow with someone and establish a life of prosperity together seems to be fading away.

Are you in a relationship that is deemed “unconventional”? Have you tried any of these relationships only to find out you weren’t equipped to carry the load? Are you interested in exploring any of these relationship forms that will surely make your grandmother clutch her pearls? Tell us more in the comment section. We’d love to hear what our MillBuzzers has to say!


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